CurexAPI Overview

This document shows you in a simple way how you can do the api integration of the CurexAPI service.

CurexAPI offers a user-friendly REST API that provides up-to-date and historical exchange rates for 170 global currencies. The currency pairs are delivered in a universally compatible JSON format, making it seamless to integrate into any of your applications.

The spot exchange rate data is sourced from multiple major forex data providers in real-time. It undergoes thorough validation, processing, and is delivered at regular intervals, either hourly, every 10 minutes, or even within the 60-second market window.

The CurexAPI ensures that each API request receives the most accurate representation of the forex market value, known as the "midpoint" value. This capability empowers various applications, such as currency converters, mobile apps, financial software components, and back-office systems worldwide.

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